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Time:2018-01-09 Views:213
It doesnt matter which electric scooter model you bought. Even you have the best electric scooter in town, you still need to maintain your electric scooter from time to time to ensure the optimal capability of your electric scooter. Without regular check-ups and maintenance, you may end up forking a lot more to repair your electric scooter later on.
In this article, we are going to share with you how you can maintain your electric scooter.
You can get the best Magura hydraulic brakes on your electric scooter but with a worn tyre, your braking prowess will still be severely dampened. Most electric scooters in Singapore need to change their tyres roughly after 1500km of usage especially the rear tyre since we use the rear brakes 90% of the time. If you are riding a powerful electric scooter and have been doing a lot of hard braking, the thread patterns on your tyres will worn off at a faster rate.
If you are using worn tyres, we recommend you changing them asap. In the case of worn tyres, the brake pads grip harder than the force of the tyre gripping the road. This causes the entire wheel to stop spinning and ‘lock’, causing your electric scooter to slide sideways. In fact, we have just changed our rear tyres as we nearly got into an accident due to our inability to brake.
No doubt, electric scooter brake is something you should be checking constantly. If you are using an excellent set of hydraulic brakes, chances that you probably wont have to do much maintenance. However, you will still need to check from time to time to see if there are any leak of brake fluid around the brake system. A leak will deem the entire hydraulic brake system useless.
If you are using the good old mechanical disk brake and realize that your braking prowess have been diminished due to the thinning of brake pads and stretched metal cables, you can fine-tune and adjust the brake yourself easily with an allen key. By tightening the brake cap screw, you can push the brake pad nearer to the disk.
Unfortunately, if you are using a drum brake or an electronic brake system, you may have to send to a technician to check.
Chances are you are probably using an electric scooter with a brushless DC motor. Due to prolonged usage over uneven grounds, the motor gear in the inner motor hub loosens over time. This causes the DC motor to lose power whenever we ride our electric scooter over a bump. If you have encountered such issues, you can engage a electric scooter technician to tighten the motor gear. Ideally, we recommend a gear change every 2 years.
If you are using an electric scooter with brushed motor, you will need to degrease or lubricate the chain from time to time.
You might laugh upon seeing this, but the truth is many of us neglect the importance of tightening of screws.
We were guilty as well previously until some of these screws were lost. We were unable to replace them as some of these screws were unique and non purchasable on the market. If your stem is shaky, you can try tightening screws and nuts surrounding it as well as the nut which is directly under your stem. Tightening these screws also make your ride a quieter ride as well.
If you bought your cheap electric scooter from Taobao, perhaps you might want to check and maintain your electric scooter regularly as some of these scooters may have poor QC.
We hope you find these tips useful. How do you normally maintain your electric scooter? Why dont you share some tricks and hack with us in the comment section below.